The Blockade Runner Podcast - May 12th, 2017 - The Future for Luke Skywalker

May 18, 2017

Show Notes:

Kevin, Chris, Dan, and John get together to discuss Luke Skywalker's future in The Last Jedi and beyond. We consider a compelling Dave Filoni quote from the Rebels season four panel from Star Wars Celebration Orlando (courtesy of the fantastic Steele Wars podcast) as well as an excerpt from Brian Jay Jones's George Lucas: A Life book for some support while exploring just who Luke could and should be in the sequel trilogy. Will he truly end the Jedi order? Is there any possibility of a dark side turn? Join us as we dig into anticipating the return of Star Wars's greatest hero!


Steele Wars Episode 138.1 - SWCO Day 3 - Star Wars Rebels Press Conference

George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones

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